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Facebook thread b/w Referee-Irene & MP.Magic Team experience from Year 1 to Year 12 (PDF- 1 page)

That's brilliant Simon, thankyou will pass onto the parents and hopefully clear things up for them ?Lastly, our thoughts go out to you and the entire Playball team.  You and the entire Playball team do an amazing job, its hard for anyone to appreciate how much work you put into running everything. Covid-19 presents so many challenges to you and all of us, and we are so greatful.You provide so much hope and happiness for the kids, parents, community and world at large.  We are right behind you and once again, thanks for doing an amazing job - we can’t wait to get back to playing ?  
Kind Regards, Marcus

Thanks Simon.  It has been a wonderful journey for my daughter since year 1. We came to it with no background in basketball, and an open mind. Playball makes basketball accessible and fun for the families, and that is down to your first class administration and rock solid approach to what should (and should not) be part of children’s sport. My boy still has a couple of years in the system yet! 
Cheers  Peter   

Hi Simon, Just a quick message to say hi hank you for your message!! We appreciate it!My son Lachie had had such a great time playing for the past 6 years! He will miss the playball comp dearly!! Have a great Christmas! 
Kind regards Sandra, Ken and Lachie Mackie (Joey Giants Navy)

Simon and Robyn.  Just a note to let you know that the Kingswood Girls Year 4 team will not be continuing next term – they’re playing in the MEBA competition on Monday nights and are all a bit time constrained.I’d also like to express my thanks for all your hard work and support over the past few years.The kids have learnt a lot (and not just about basketball) and all are continuing to play. David’s team still plays together in the MEBA competition five years after finishing Playball, even though they are now at 3 different schools. Lucy’s team, assisted by some expert coaching from a former PE teacher at the school, are actually starting to play competitively and are all enthusiastic about continuing basketball. It’s also great to know that kids who’ve left the teams and moved interstate/overseas have all continued with basketball. 
So many thanks. Regards  Ros

Thank you Simon, Playball is a fabulous way to encourage kids to have fun and be active.
Lisa, Sent from my iPhone

Hi Simon.  You beat me to it! I was going to email you to thank you and everyone at Playball for your support over the last few years. The girls have loved playing basketball every week, and despite their ups and (more frequent) downs, they have always finished their games with smiles on their faces. This competition has taught them importance of teamwork, and how to win and lose graciously. These are attributes which will stay with them forever. 
Thanks again, 
Kind regards,Helena.C 

Hi Simon, Thank you for your kind words.  And a huge thank you from me and my Rubies for running such a great basketball program for primary school kids.  A wonderful intro to competitive sport, that isn’t aligned to a club and therefore provides more flexibility and autonomy when looking after a team.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our 6 years playing Playball.  The benefits of playing a team sport is something these girls will take with them for life and hopefully cherish as wonderful primary school memories.  We were even fortunate enough to have won 2 premierships in that time and I loved the fact that competition was particularly even in the past 3 years, which made for great excitement and anticipation most weeks. 

Well done Simon on running such a great competition and thank you for all your help and assistance to me as Rubies coach over the years, especially in answering any queries I had along the way. Which leads me to my final query!  As we’re unable to play this coming Tuesday, due to the EPS Grade 6 camp, can I please come in to MSAC to collect the 2 trophies and participation ribbons for the team?  I’ve organized our final team get-together for Tuesday 6th December and I’d like to present the girls then.
Cheers, Ali 

No.  Thank YOU Simon!  The competition you run is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone at our school with younger age kids.  Having been involved as a team manager and coach (for the EPS Diamonds going back a few years) I know how much of a positive influence Playball are in the healthily competitive lives of kids (and indeed the social lives of primary school parents!). You do a great job!
Thanks Michael

Dear Simon, That’s a great message, thank you. Our Toorak teams love their basketball comp at Playball and it has offered a solid foundation for our students to go onto rep basketball and succeed at interschool basketball. Not to mention fostering a love of team sport specifically basketball. I’ll pass this message on to our players.

Thank you Simon, What a lovely email to receive. The boys had their school graduation this week so I'm now certain there might be some happy Mum tears after Tuesday's game. Playball has been a fantastic basketball experience for both of my boys.  You and Robyn ought be congratulated for what you do.
My best, Deborah


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